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Visit the Alice Moseley Folk Art & Antique Museum

4/12/2017 | Tricia LeAnn

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Take a step back in time through the brave eyes and talent of Idealist Folk Artist, Miss Alice Moseley. Located within the second floor of the Bay St. Louis, L & N Historic Train Depot is 40 or more original pieces of inspiration on display in the Alice Moseley Folk Art & Antique Museum for all to enjoy. After one visit to Bay St Louis and only knowing one person, she moved to Mississippi at the age of 80. Upon her arrival, she painted and planted flowers every day for two years.
Always looking at the bright side of life with her quick wit, jokes and stories, history of moving all over the country is preserved within the layers of each ongoing piece Miss Alice painted. During the 1930's recovery from the Great Depression, she used what was available; she used house paint at first then moving on to acrylic paint. Speaking of acrylic paint, Moseley would say, "It dries quickly and I'm impatient so we get along." It just so happened to be that she was once the neighbor to Elvis Presley.
Even the handmade frames of the artwork are rustic being made with love by her husband utilizing whatever could be found. This couple had the ability to make treasures from trash so to speak. Many of the folk art is painted on recycled items giving each piece its own attitude. Often times, the same interesting characters of daily life can be found in each painting. The technique of loose colors and amazing detail represent thoughts and events of everyday life always infused with humor.
Alice Moseley's mission stands true today through the museum to inspire others to be artists and look on the bright side. The museum is also home to 100 years of art glass history including pieces from the following: George Ohr, Tiffany, New Comb College in New Orleans, Weller Sicardo, and the Mississippi Suggs Pottery just to name a few.
The get up close and personal with Miss Alice Moseley's life and her Folk Art original pieces are a wonderful experience. Well worth the fun ride up the huge hidden elevator. Prints of Moseley originals are available for purchase in the Museum Gift Shop making a perfect souvenir for all ages. This is a "must see" attraction on any visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Alice Moseley Folk Art & Antique Museum
1928 Depot Way #2, Bay St Louis, MS 39520
Museum Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-4pm,
FREE Admission & Handicapped Accessible
Tricia LeAnn