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Vacation Outdoors Made Easy with Gulf Coast Campers The Rentals

2/4/2019 | Connie Raley

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Camping outdoors has a great appeal for many families. Trading in phones and electronics for nature trails, biking, state parks, and beaches allows parents, friends, families to connect with one another on a deeper level.  

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is a vacation destination with plenty of fun outdoor activities and places to set up camp. Having a camper with indoor amenities and easy outdoor access is a great way to go.

However, owning and towing a camper or RV is not realistic for many. For those looking for a camper experience without the hassle of ownership, Gulf Coast Campers has a solution for you. 

Five years ago, Kristine Lyons was searching for a way to rent a camper to vacation with her family. She discovered that the service did not exist. She purchased a used camper for their trip, and then decided to rent it to others to share in the experience. From this, a business was born. 

Kristine and her partner, Sarah, continued to grow their fleet of campers from one to five to twenty to accommodate the travelers and adventure seekers to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They will even deliver to surrounding areas for a small fee per mile from Covington, Louisiana to Destin, Florida.

Gulf Coast Campers offers camper rentals that can house up to 10 people. You choose your destination and let them do the work for you. They will drop it off, set it up, and then pick it up when you’re all done. Hassle free.

Now by popular demand, Gulf Coast Campers has added four drivable units to their fleet for those who want to chart their own adventure. 

The concept is so popular that Kristine has expanded and opened a shop on the property for camper supplies that is run by her son, Daniel Miller. They have also opened a service center for repairs with Kristine’s brother, Robert Miller, as the registered service tech. Much care is taken to ensure that each rental is clean and feels new, every time.

Whether you are heading to a state park, ATV ground, or the beach, let Gulf Coast Campers meet you there. And for those who just need some extra room for visiting guests, they will even pull one right into your driveway. 

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Connie Raley