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Tripletails is Triple the Fun

10/16/2017 | Tricia Leann

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 Tripletails restaurant in Bay S. Louis is off the chain as a triple threat with amazing music, food and drinks. You are in for a great experience when you enter the eye-catching 3-story building with a panoramic ocean view, indulge in unforgettable food and drinks, and follow the music to the top deck. You will definitely get up to get down with your bad self and some of the best live music in the Bay.

The name of the restaurant is like a fisherman’s tale. Not only was The Tripletails owner influenced to name his business after the three levels of the building, but he was also inspired by the tripletail fish found in our local Gulf Coast waters. They are a prized catch in the Gulf, and if you’re not familiar, the Atlantic tripletail fish have a distinctive appearance since their fins and coloring give the illusion of having three tails, as seen in the Tripletails logo.

Speaking of what you can see in the Gulf Coast waters, the view from Tripletails is something you will never experience anywhere else, from every direction. Eastward is the beautiful Bay St. Louis Municipal Harbor with all its wonder of boats, yachts, party barges and more. Look west to people-watch while the visitors and locals wander in and out of the eclectic coastal boutiques and bistros of the Old Town Bay St. Louis Historic Shopping District. To the North is a panoramic street view of Beach Boulevard filled with the Bay St. Louis Beach Trolley, cruisers, and parades. From there, view the long stretching St. Louis Bay Bridge which carries Route 90 between Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian, and where the Jimmy Rutherford Fishing Pier can be seen. Watch the train coming towards the Bay over the water on the Warren through the truss swing-style Bay St. Louis Rail Bridge stretching across Hancock County coming from Henderson Point. Low tide at dusk is a beautiful sight looking south to see the huge historical Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church across from the beautiful white sand beaches of Bay St. Louis and the view of Washington Street Pier and Boat Launch.

Visitors come to Tripletails from every direction, and consider it a destination. As the official Jeepn' The MS Gulf Coast 2017 headquarters, they will be hosting the meeting/event on October 1st.

During the week of Cruisin' The Coast 2017, Tripletails will be celebrating each day with live music kicking off immediately after the entertainment ends on the CTC Bandstand across the street. Enjoy two bands scheduled on the third level of each day: 1st band will start at 4:30pm & 2nd band to begin at 9pm.

Not only is Tripletails a destination, but the locals have made it a habit to enjoy the experience of good friends, good live music, and good people as they drive down the beach from the other end of the Gulf Coast such as Ocean Springs and Biloxi to enjoy a day in the Bay at Tripletails. People return every weekend. Madisonville, Hattiesburg, and Covington people are "in the house" on the weekends like clockwork. "Weekenders" are people who return every weekend to Tripletails as far away as Picayune and Slidell, LA to enjoy the atmosphere of the open style boat house restaurant and bar.

The top floor has live entertainment Thursday through Sunday. There is never a cover charge at Tripletails. Music plays a key to Tripletails success, and they are proud to have brought "good" live music back to the beach. Not only is the music good, but so are the people. Crowds on every level are happy and full of life with only 21 & over on the third floor once the music starts. "Good people, bring more good people. I provide the good venue, good live music, and good food", says Owner of Tripletails. 

With all the good food, you can’t leave without having the signature daiquiri drink. Tripletails patrons call it "The Best Bushwhacker on the Gulf Coast". This drink took several weeks for the Owners to perfect. "We don't cut costs, we use premium liquors, and it has a smooth blend".

Lunch and dinner are served every day of operation at Tripletails. Thursday is steak night for $14.99 which includes a 12-oz. ribeye, baked potato, and a salad. Steamed Royal Reds are a local favorite served with red potatoes and fresh corn for only $21. Deep Fried Ribs are amazing and filling at only $12per order. A key to Tripletails success is respecting customers by becoming friends and listening to their suggestions. Their patrons love the Tripletails style of cooking which has a distinct flavor that is careful to not over power seafood with seasonings, allowing an appreciation of the sweet taste of the signature Tripletails Steamed Royal Reds from Florida.

If you haven’t tried the casual laid-back Tripletails it’s time to "get up to get down” to Bay St. Louis for a cool Mississippi Gulf Coast beach destination experience you won’t forget. 

TRIPLETAILS - Music -Food - Drinks
Location: 113 South Beach Blvd
Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi
Hours of Operation: Thursday - Sunday 11AM - Till
Call for To Go Orders: 228-231-1146
Tricia Leann