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Smallest, most diverse and more cosmopolitan than any other city on the Gulf Coast

4/14/2017 | Tricia LeAnn

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The City of Pass Christian is the smallest, most diverse and more cosmopolitan than any other city on the Gulf Coast. -Mayor of the City of Pass Christian, Leo "Chipper" McDermott
When local Mississippians speak of Pass Christian it is pronounced with the southern tongue ( HYPERLINK "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA_for_English" \o "Help:IPA for English" /pæs kr?st?i'æn/), nicknamed ‘The Pass’ or simply spoken with only one word; Pass, like the locals say. However you say it, the City of Pass Christian is a coastal city like none other on the Gulf Coast. With a peninsula shaped land mass, almost completely surrounded by water, coastal scenes are the normal view from City Hall and the narrow streets of Pass Christian Downtown District.
The City of Pass Christian was the first resort city on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Prior to the American Civil War, the New Orleans elite built huge mansion style get-a-way beach homes, each one on 7 acres or more, along Scenic Drive. The southern charmed estates sit on the inland side along Hwy 90 and the pristine 6 1/2 mile long and 1 mile wide mostly untouched natural coastal landscapes are on the beach side. Pass Christian Yacht Club was the first yacht club in the South and the second in the United States making it the oldest, finest and most laid back yacht club on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.
Pass provides a central location for the wealthy to escape and enjoy boating, fishing, and the beach. The City of Pass Christian is 55 miles east of New Orleans which is the "Mother of This Town", says Mayor of the City of Pass Christian, Leo "Chipper" McDermott. The overall feel of the community has the friendly speak easy NOLA vibe that is welcoming on the Gulf Coast. New people are always welcomed with open arms. The Pass is just rural enough from the main port city to be country, with yet enough sophistication to satisfy.  
The Municipal Harbor of Pass Christian was formalized in 1956 creating a commercial harbor and main trading center on the Mississippi Sound. The new Pass Harbor is built with state of the art design and provides an open view from miles away.
3 different languages are spoken at the Pass Harbor; English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. 9 oyster reefs, first charted on maps in 1699, just offshore from Pass, are the largest reefs along the Gulf Coast comprising an area of about twenty square miles. Further west are the Henderson Point and Calico reefs, which are one to two miles south of Henderson Point. Shrimping is also a dependable form of attributes this area provides to the community assets of each changing season.
Landscapes of Pass Christian are growing bigger and better than ever with construction sights on the future. In 2017, three hotels are on schedule for completion to provide over 100 rooms for visitors to stay and play within city limits. This will mark the first hotel built downtown since 1925. The Pass Christian Downtown District and Sazarac Square provide many unique coastal shops and restaurants of all varieties for tourists to enjoy.
The richest of the rich people from all over the world come to experience the wonderful weather and the friendly high society feel with a laid back demeanor of the beach life in The City of Pass Christian. Everybody knows everybody and looks out for one another. Business minded people flock to the beaches of Pass to relax. Leave the suit and tie at home to experience the coastal Gulf breeze in The Pass.

Tricia LeAnn