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6/12/2017 | Chris Dearman

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With a history that spans over two decades, Rooster’s Restaurant in Kiln is the place to go for delicious homemade cooking, great service, and a cozy family atmosphere.       

Rooster’s is owned and operated by Daphne Vorbrich, whose family moved to Kiln from Lake Charles, LA when she was thirteen. Upon arriving, her parents Andy & Lee Lott, opened and ran a highly popular restaurant called Rooster’s for over twenty-five years. After her parent’s passing, Daphne opened what she called Pop’s Restaurant in 2012, as a tribute to her chef father, but after many people kept asking why not stick with the original name everyone knew, she changed it to Rooster’s Restaurant in honor of both her parents a year ago.

"The food for one,” Daphne said, when asked why the change. "Everything is made from scratch, and many of the recipes are those which my father perfected.  We put heart in everything we do. People have such fond memories of Rooster’s that we strive to make sure that continues for years to come.”

When you visit, you will want to start with an appetizer, and the popular Oooey Gooey Fries that showcases their signature crawfish cream sauce is an excellent choice. The most popular is the amazing Angels on Horseback, which is a plate of bacon-wrapped oysters fried golden brown, drizzled with a delicious lemon butter caper sauce. Cooked perfectly, they burst in your mouth with flavor.

If looking for a healthier choice as a starter, Rooster’s offers four, fresh from the garden salads including, fried or grilled chicken or shrimp, and the blackened ribeye with bleu cheese crumbles salad.  

Moving on from the appetizers, Rooster's entrées are sure to satisfy anyone’s appetite. You can’t go wrong with one of the Seafood Platters, which are served with fries, coleslaw, and a hushpuppy. The catfish, oyster, or shrimp platters are perfectly battered in cornmeal, and deep-fried until golden brown. If you can’t choose just one, a combo platter is available where you can pick out two, or go with all three.     

The Hand Cut Charbroiled Steaks are also a great choice. Cooked to order and topped with garlic butter, the ribeye, strip, or filet comes with your choice of a side and salad. If you pay a visit on a Thursday, there’s a two-for-one ribeye special that is extremely popular with the locals.

If you can’t make it on Thursday for the special don’t fret, their menu offers The Bold and Mighty Walking Cow for those hungry for a special steak treat every day. This unique creation features a farm raised, soft shell crab fried and nestled between two ribeye’s, topped with a crawfish cream sauce. Be sure to bring your appetite!

Rooster’s also has a nice variety of burgers, confidently calling them the Hands Down Best Burgers Ever. The half-pound burgers such as the Mushroom & Swiss, BBQ, and the Black and Bleu, are served on sour dough buns. The most popular is called the Pop’s Burger, which is built with Chesesi ham, grilled onions, mushrooms, melted cheddar & Swiss cheese, topped with bacon. They call it their masterpiece and rightfully so.  

If you’re looking for something other than a burger, a Rooster’s Po-Boy is a good choice, and one of their Signature Kiln Billy’s is not to be missed. Served on hoagie bread, The Chick Billy is grilled chicken and carrots, and the famous Kiln Billy is hand-cut ribeye with bell peppers, both with mushrooms, onions, and topped with melted Swiss cheese.     

Just in time for summer, Rooster’s has taken one of their Pop’s Specialties, the Mrs. Lee’s Chicken, and combined with grits to create Mrs. Lee’s Kiss My Grits. Their unique twist on shrimp & grits, the entrée includes grilled chicken chunks, sautéed shrimp, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and Tasso ham which has been smoked for ten hours. Topped with a lemon butter cream sauce, the ingredients are combined to perfectly complement each other, and the result is absolutely amazing.       

Rooster’s Restaurant is open six days a week Monday through Friday 11am-2pm for lunch, Tuesday through Saturday 5pm until close. There’s live entertainment on Thursday & Fridays, and Happy Hour at their full-service bar is from 5-7pm.

Rooster’s Restaurant
16160 Highway 603?Kiln, Mississippi, MS 39556
(228) 255-5767
Chris Dearman