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RECHARGE YOUR BODY, MIND & SOUL… - Rejuvenation Station

8/10/2018 | Connie Raley

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While on vacation in Florida in 2012, Mark Garriga, a native from the coast, and Stacy Ely, from Atlanta, began to feel the effects of the hot summer sun and evening indulgence. They were drained and dehydrated. Mark shared with Stacy about his time in the Army when they would receive IV’s to replenish the hydration and nutrients that were being depleted. Stacy, having a medical background and experience with the concept shared her side of the story, and an idea began to unfold. 
Their vision began with this staggering statistic: 70% of the population is dehydrated, and that number is even higher here in the deep south’s heat and humidity. Not only do most of us not have enough water intake, but we also drink large amounts of coffee, tea, and sodas, which are diuretics and draw water away from the body. You may have heard that as soon as you are thirsty, it’s already too late; dehydration has set in.
Through conversation, lifestyle and a growing desire to bring something unique and positive to the coast, Mark and Stacy created their concept. But it wasn’t just the dehydration that they wanted to address. They wanted to offer a total wellness package that felt like a day spa. Thus, Rejuvenation Station was born.
When I walked into the office, I immediately felt welcome and relaxed. Mark and Stacy clearly have a passion for what they do and enjoy sharing it with others. They have created an inviting, cheerful space with natural light that illuminates the works of local artists showcasing paintings, handmade chakra jewelry, and a fun array of locally made soaps, lotions, and other body products. You can also find a selection of organic tea from Restorative Nature and CBD oil that is used to treat, among other things, anxiety and ADD.
The main room for treatment is a comfortable, friendly space with roomy leather recliners. It was here that I had the opportunity to experience the IV drip and oxygen treatment. The IV is a saline solution that drips for about an hour. Once half of the solution has entered the system, Vitamins C, B12 and B complex are added to the drip. This combination of nutrients rehydrates the body and bypasses the digestive system to go straight to the bloodstream.
Vitamin B12 helps to increase energy and endurance and helps regulate metabolism. It also improves sleep, mood and mental clarity. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the bodies ability to fight sickness/disease and helps prevent colds and fatigue, as well as reverses the signs of aging. Each of these vitamins is available in a single shot as well. 
The oxygen therapy gives the heart a break by pumping 93% oxygen directly into the body. Room air contains about 19-21% and coming straight from the tank, there are no environmental factors to consider. Oxygen therapy helps to relieve headaches, migraine, stress, fatigue, cramps and much more. I can say from my own personal experience that I went into the office with definite muscle soreness from a hard workout week. Leaving the office my legs and hips felt much relieved, and I was walking without discomfort.
Mark and Stacy are continually looking for ways to expand their offerings to incorporate more good for the community, all while keeping their prices affordable. They have two licensed massage therapists in the office and want people to understand that massage is not just a luxury. There are many medical benefits including breaking up the lactic acid that tends to build up in the body. Sports massage is great for the many athletes they treat, but they also offer Swedish and Deep Tissue; as well as Chair Massage for those in a hurry. An IV after a massage is an excellent way to flush the system.
One of the most interesting offerings is the foot detox. Not only do you get to soak your feet in warm water, but the salt that is added has both positive and negative ions that pull toxins away from the body through the feet. This has been shown to help relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia and joint pain. The evidence of this is in the murky water at the end of the treatment, and the reduced feelings of fatigue and discomfort.
Health and wellness is not just a physical perspective. It is important to acknowledge the energy body as well. In order to incorporate the mind-body connection, the Rejuvenation Station offers three modalities to assist with healing. Yoga offers the physical practice through which we become aware of our breath and movement of the body. Reiki offers total relaxation and is an ancient healing practice that moves energy through the body and does no harm. Experience a Chakra Discovery Session and get to know your own energy centers that influence physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
Bike rentals are available now and are an fun way to exercise while getting a close-up view of beautiful downtown Biloxi. Spray tanning has been added to their location to give patrons that healthy summer glow without the harmful effects of the UV rays. And one of Mark’s most passionate additions is alkaline water to go. He is not only proud of, but also invested in, the importance of health, and the benefits of reducing acid in the body.
They now have infrared sauna as well. Which among its many benefits include the reduction of inflammation, it detoxifies your body from harmful toxins, increases blood circulation, helps wounds heal faster, restores muscles as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion.
So if you’ve been feeling a bit rundown lately or simply want to take a break for some self-care, please stop in to Rejuvenation Station and try one of their many unique services. Stacy and the staff are knowledgable and friendly and Mark’s enthusiasm is contagious. They have come at health and wellness from every angle and invite you to come check them out and spend a little time in their day spa that will have you feeling refreshed, energized, and better than ever.
Rejuvenation Station
767 Jackson St. Biloxi, Ms 39530
Connie Raley