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11/18/2016 | BEER GENIUS

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After an exhausting summer searching the Coast for new beers to consume (it’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it), I came across a few winners from a Mississippi based brewer that you’re sure to enjoy. Slowboat Brewing Company is a small, family operated artisan brewery located in downtown Laurel. With beers based on classic rock songs, you can rest assured that these brews will help bring the fun at your favorite watering hole.

First up is a Belgian Witbier called Into the Mystic. Brewed with Belgian ale yeast, orange peel, spices, and Hibiscus, this beer pours clear pink with a fluffy light pink head. With that said, this is no "girly” beer. The Hibiscus and citrus come together to create a floral, almost peachy quality that has smooth clean finish and pairs well with both fish & poultry. ABV 4.9%

Dairy of a Madman is a milk stout brewed with vanilla bean. It is an approachable "dark beer” with roasted barley, chocolate malt, oats, milk sugar, and vanilla bean all sharing the spotlight. It pairs well with red meat & sweats, but be aware it does contain lactose, so it is not recommended for intolerant people. ABV 5.0%

Last, but not least is Wayward Son, a farmhouse ale. It promises an explosion of citrus and grapefruit and it takes your taste buds on a glorious journey. This sour pairs well with spicy foods, and leaves your mouth with a tart drying effect. ABV 7.2%
About the Coast Beer Genius: I drink beer. A lot of it. Probably too much of it. That said, people keep creating new ones and I believe it's my civic duty to attempt to drink each & every one of them. My opinions may be biased, as I may have received product for free and/or compensation. That doesn't mean they aren't correct though, as I am usually always right. Hence the name.
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