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Mrs. Mardi Gras - Day Trip 2

2/2/2016 | By Jaimee Dorris

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Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez… or Let the Good Times Roll! If you’ve ever heard of Mardi Gras, chances are you think of New Orleans. No doubt, the Big Easy has a strong carnival tradition; Mobile, Alabama does too. But the Mississippi Gulf Coast is no stranger to Mardi Gras celebrations. We’ve been parading in the streets since 1908 when the first Mardi Gras parade was held in Biloxi.

Gulf Coast Mardi Gras is similar to that of the larger cities that surround us. We have Krewes that ride on floats and throw beads to crowds. We also have crowned royalty and carnival balls. But we South Mississippians also have our own traditions when it comes to partying it up before Lent. Check out our Day Trippin’ Mississippi Gulf Coast – Episode 2 – "Mrs. Mardi Gras” video to see how South Mississippi Mardi Gras is unlike any other.


In Episode 2 – Mrs Mardi Gras, we filmed during the Elks Club Parade in downtown Ocean Springs, Mississippi. 

We featured these locations in the video:

Front Beach Cottages – Bed & Breakfast 
Lee Tracy – Lady’s Clothing Boutique
Leo’s Wood Fired Pizza – Delicious food and entertainment
The Office Bar & Lounge – Popular after-hours bar for locals
Mosaic Restaurant & Bar – International Tapas Restaurant & Bar
Downtown Ocean Springs, MS – Popular spot for locals and tourists for shopping, dining, and entertainment. http://www.visitoceanspringsms.com

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By Jaimee Dorris