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12/19/2016 | Jennifer Weiss

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Did you know the Mississippi Gulf Coast is one of the coolest areas of the country? If you don’t believe me, get ready to have your preconceived notions challenged! The Coast’s hottest new online show, MS Congeniality, is showcasing the state of Mississippi like you’ve never seen it before! Each week the show’s host, Jaimee Dorris, can be found somewhere along our beautiful Gulf Coast doing something cool with someone even cooler.
And boy, do they have an interesting lineup for the first 8 episodes – a big city fashion stylist, a business-owning theatre actor, and an environmentally-conscious architect – to name a few. There are many unique people and interesting things happening right here on the Gulf Coast that you never hear about.  MS Congeniality’s mission is to bring the best of Mississippi right to your pockets, purses, desktops, and even bathrooms.
"The purpose of the show is to defy those old Mississippi stereotypes. I want to highlight what’s truly unique about the South and help make it even better in the process,” says the creator and host of the personality show, Jaimee Dorris. Dorris and her team have committed to donating a portion of the show’s proceeds to support local environmental causes.
There’s never a dull moment in this show thanks to Dorris’s big personality too. There’s music, pranks, dresses and drinks.  We can honestly say you won’t be bored. So where else can you get high quality "late night” entertainment, while giving back to the Gulf Coast? Only on MS Congeniality. Learn more at MSCongeniality.TV.

Jennifer Weiss