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Kress LIVE

8/7/2014 | By Meaghan Chapman Artigues

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Kress Live 
Biloxi’s newest venue celebrates Southern tradition and live music 

Few experiences could be more enticing than a night out in a quaint downtown on the 
cusp of rebirth and reinvention. 
With the recent opening of new venues in the historic Vieux Marche area of Biloxi, 
nightlife patrons can experience this historic Gulf town in a new way. 
Business entrepreneurs Chase Taylor and Nick Quave are hoping to showcase the 
abundance of history, hospitality and raw energy of this Coast "melting pot” with their 
new nightlife venture, Kress Live. 
Taylor and his business partners have visited numerous music venues across the country 
and have found music from Mississippi to be a strong influence on many, such as the 
famous House of Blues music venues. 
Inspired by his love of Mississippi Delta artists such as Blues originators Robert Johnson 
and Elvis Presley, Taylor thought it only fitting that the Coast should also have a place to 
enjoy and celebrate great home-grown music. 
Taylor's eclectic music venue opened July 4 to a solid number of revelers popping in and 
out of the grand opening, the new Level Nightclub next door and The Fillin' Station, a 
popular watering hole nearby. 
Photo Provided by Kress Live
By Meaghan Chapman Artigues