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Kiln Moonshine Tours

10/17/2018 | Chris Dearman

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For over 300 years Kiln, Mississippi has been home to the rural wilderness where moonshine legends were made. Staking claim to being the "Moonshine Capital of the World" in the early nineteen hundreds when there were at least 50 moonshine stills operating, it became a national epicenter of bootlegging with international connections. Some of it even ended up in the hands of mobsters like Al Capone. 

For those looking to learn more about this secret past, Author and historian Al Saucier gives guided tours that shine a spotlight on moonshine legends, culture, myths, and heritage. The tour will take you through the mysteries of moonshine bootleggers, diving deep into the bootlegging history of Mississippi, as well as providing other interesting facts. 

Al Saucier, a lifelong resident of the Gulf Coast an expert on moonshine culture, has written several published books on the subject. On the tour, you will hear him share some of the numerous tales of the history, folklore, and legends of how local farmers, families, and possibly even public officials profited from the illegal liquor trade. You will hear how cooking and transporting of moonshine thrived during Prohibition, and how it continued in the woods around Kiln decades after it ended. 

Saucier, who calls himself the Moonshine Ambassador, gives you a rare look into the 300 years of wilderness moonshine family life. You will learn why Kiln was the perfect place for the operations to take place, how organized crime was involved, and how names including Al Capone and Joseph Kennedy used to send "White Lightning Whiskey” all over the country via boats, trains, trucks, and secretive night flights for years. 

During the tour you get to see a live working moonshine mill, tour a local distillery, as well as visit some of the old moonshine sites in the area where real bootlegging activities took place. It is the perfect way to learn about history, and at the same time, get to see some of the beautiful area of South Mississippi. 

The guided Kiln Moonshine Tours run rain or shine, Monday through Friday from 11am to 2pm. Perfect for groups of friends, families, or organizations. Driving and bus tours are available, and reservations are required. For more information please visit: www.kilnmoonshinetour.com

Kiln Moonshine Tours

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Chris Dearman