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Dining at Your Mama’z House

9/9/2014 | By Philip L Levin, MD

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Trolling down the Tchoutacabouffa River on a pristine Sunday morning, a 
fishing line trailing out the back, the seagulls eyeing your wake, what could be nicer 
than a stop at Your Mama’z House riverside restaurant? Mama’z fun atmosphere, 
boat parking, and great food quiets a hungry boater’s stomach, and brings a smile to 
his face. Or stick around for the afternoon live music, while relaxing on their 
balcony watching the river flow by. 
Your Mama’z House, at 12056 Cedar Lake Rd in Biloxi, came under Patricia 
Valestro’s ownership in 2009. Pre-Katrina, the site had been Little Joe’s, a place for 
boaters to grab some bait and poorboys. Growing up in Biloxi, Patricia remembered 
boating past Little Joe’s as a teenager, and when she decided to move back to her 
hometown she picked it as the spot to bring back some good food and memories. 
After a year of remodeling, she opened in 2010, with a concept of fine food, friendly 
atmosphere, and fun times. 
The bright blue Your Mama’z House sits up on graffiti decorated concrete 
posts, a wooden twisting stair and ramp combo winding past a happy green alligator 
of greeting. Mama’z will seat about forty on the inside, with another dozen or so 
relaxing on the outside covered balcony, packing them in on Friday night Karaoke. 
Open Wednesday through Sunday, patrons can always find a good time, especially 
Photo provided by : Your Mamaz House
By Philip L Levin, MD