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Coffee Fusion Bubble Tea Cafe in Ocean Springs

10/19/2015 | Christopher Dearman

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For the past twelve years Coffee Fusion Bubble Tea Café has provided locals and tourists alike a relaxing spot to eat, hang out, and sample a large variety of gourmet drinks.  

Voted best coffee shop on the Coast numerous times, Coffee Fusion is the creation of owner Adam Flinchum, who wanted to bring Ocean Springs a true American coffee house, while combining it with a traditional Asian bubble tea café.  

"I knew I wanted to do a bubble tea shop meets coffee shopEast meets West, a fusion,” Flinchum says of his desire to bring something new to the Gulf Coast all under one roof. "A fusion of flavors, fusion of cultures, all together as one, and then put the food in there as well.  

Open seven days a week, Coffee Fusion has become the community hub Flinchum envisioned when he opened the place. A cozy café with comfy couches and chairs, free Wi-Fi, and big screen TVs. 

"We encourage people to come here and just hang out. We want you to come in with your laptop, and spend all here day if you want. Meet your friends, study, and experience the whole coffee shop vibe.”  

While hanging out, Coffee Fusion offers a large variety of refreshment options to choose from. You can get hot, iced, or frozen gourmet coffee drinks, real fresh fruit smoothies, and traditional bubble teas. Gourmet coffee is still the most popular, but bubble tea has become a large part of what Coffee Fusion does, building fans of the exotic beverage one customer at a time.  

Bubble tea is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in the 1980s that’s served over ice, mixed with fruit or milk, and has chewy tapioca pearls or fruit jellies added to make a beverage you can drink and eat at the same time.   


"That’s what really makes it a bubble tea,” Flinchum says of the lychee jelly strips and tapioca pearls that are about a size of a blueberry. "It’s an hour-long cooking process to make them chewy, almost like gummy bears. They come up through an oversized straw large enough to allow the pearls to pass through.” 


Besides the bubble teascoffee drinks, and smoothies that can be created by choosing combinations from over twenty different real fresh fruits, Coffee Fusion is also a great place to get a healthy made-to-order gourmet meals. 

"Our goal was to be a really good restaurant that has gourmet drinks, instead of the opposite, a gourmet drink house that has a few items of food,” Flinchum says of being different than coffee houses like Starbucks. "We wanted the food to really be front and center, as well as the drinks.” 

With a large selection of Panini and croissant sandwiches, fresh salads, and healthy wraps, as well as a delicious array of gourmet desserts, baked goods, and sweets, Coffee Fusion has something for everyone.  

"We have an Italian chicken Panini that is phenomenal. Grilled chicken, sweet roasted red peppers, sliced provolone, baby lettuce, and a pesto mayonnaise,” Flinchum said of one of their best sellers. "We also have Caribbean wrap that is really popular. It’s a grilled chicken or steak wrap with provolone cheese, pineapple, tomato, baby lettuce and our own Caribbean jerk sauce that’s amazing. 

Coffee Fusion also offers a full breakfast menu that is served all day long. Flinchum says: "People down here have such crazy schedules, work in casinos, hospitals, and are in the military. They’re sometimes going into work at three in the afternoon, but they still want breakfast. So, we’re here for you. 

The Coffee Fusion Bubble Tea Café opens at 6am during the week, 7am on weekends. Live music events are sometimes scheduled, and there is a drive-thru window for those looking to get something on the go. For more information visit: www.coffeefusion.net  


Coffee Fusion Bubble Tea Café  

2228 Bienville Rd.  

Ocean Springs, MS 39564  


Christopher Dearman