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9/6/2014 | By Steve Berger

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Diamondhead Golf Course 

In case you haven’t been keeping up with my journey, I’m a former golf pro and have taken on the 
task of playing and writing about all the golf courses on the coast. I know what you’re thinking, 
it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. With that being said, this month I took my first trip 
toDiamondhead, Mississippi. I didn’t know it, but was I missing something special! The 
community and especially Diamondhead Country Club are truly fantastic. 

They have two courses, an incredible golf academy, and a huge club house facility. I took my 
lovely wife and daughter to play with me and found the course in perfect condition. We didn’t see 
any other golfers until the 15th hole and that was only because we were enjoying the day and 
playing slow. I can see why it takes some people so long to play a round. I am the kind of golfer 
who likes to hit the ball and chase it versus noticing the beauty of the course. Diamondhead 
changed that for me and forced me to enjoy the beauty of the area. 

We played the Cardinal Course and one hole in particular is the essence of beauty. The very 
short, but very scenic 16th hole. It stands out when you come up the hill and notice the large oak 
tree at the tee which frames it perfectly. The hole is 287 yards from the white tees and gives the 
golfer so many options for playing it. I used a hybrid off the tee and my wife hit a driver, both of 
us ended up in the middle of the fairway, but I found the downslope about 90 yards from the 
green. I wish I would have pulled a couple more clubs out to try different shots, because I think 
that a driver would have put me right in front of the green with a short, up-hill chip and a 5-iron 
would have put me at about 100 yards from the green with a flat lie. Either way, my second shot 
found the green about 6 feet short of the hole leaving me with a slightly up-hill, left to right putt. It 
was a perfect birdie putt that, not surprisingly, I missed on the low side. For those wondering, my 
wife hit her second shot short of the green, but chipped up to about 5 feet and, unfortunately, 
missed her putt too. 

Diamondhead Country Club is open to the public and I would highly recommend that if you’ve got 
time in your schedule you take a trip out there to play. It is definitely worth it. The staff is friendly 
and welcoming and help to make your day special. 

Diamondhead Country Club
7600 Country Club Circle
Diamondhead, MS 39525
(228) 255-3910 
By Steve Berger