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Art Belongs in Every Home

11/18/2016 | Tricia LeAnn

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"The first place to see when you travel to a new place should be to take in the local art. Local Art showcases the culture of an area which is unique in every place." Corey Christy, Director of Marketing and Development for Walter Anderson Museum of Art
    WAMA, The Walter Anderson Museum of Art in downtown Ocean Springs, Mississippi is an asset to the Gulf Coast. The museum is nestled in the pristine downtown district under a gorgeous huge old oak tree. The brick path leads to entering great glass doors where the museum ambiance reflects the beauty of nature immediately. The 20th century American master art works of Walter Inglis Anderson (1903-1965) and his brothers Peter Anderson (1901-1984), master potter and founder of Shearwater Pottery; and James McConnell Anderson (1907-1998), noted painter and ceramist. are celebrated full heartedly within the history of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. The entire museum sends a message through art to celebrate man's harmony with nature.
    Ocean Springs is drawing the attention of the new generations through American art at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art. For first time art seekers looking to understand the groove of art, this museum is the perfect spot to start. Everyone can easily find beauty or relate to the outdoors in some manner. "The Walter Anderson Museum of Art is opening up to new crowds across the region to make the art in the museum available for everyone." says Corey Christy, Director of Marketing and Development at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art.
    Block Printing is one of the oldest types of printmaking, and has been around for thousands of years. With affordable prints available at the WAMA gift shop, it is easy to take home an inexpensive piece of art as a souvenir. "Art belongs in every home." says Christy, "At Walter Anderson we are trying to create awareness for many audiences to help break through the stigma of art in general here on the Gulf Coast."
    The architect of the museum and the placement of art pieces are important to the flow in the atmosphere. To walk under a floating boat and view wooden handmade furniture brings you on a journey with American art and nature. Dogs, birds, cats, flowers, and coastal scenes are depicted in all types of creative American artist manners. The friendly helpful staff is always available to answer any questions. The museum holds tribute to depictions of the plants, animals, and people of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.
    With a series of WAMA Workshops under $50, the Walter Anderson Museum of Art offers something for everyone. Visit the Education Calendar and Events sections on the website. Fund Raising, Themed Art Shows, Local Feature Artist Shows, and the WAMA Triathlon are just a few future events to look forward to at WAMA.
Walter Anderson Museum of Art
WAMA Museum Hours: Mon - Sat: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm, Sunday: 12:30pm - 4:30 pm.
WAMA Admission: Adults $10, Children (5-15) $5, Seniors, Students, AAA, Military $8.
510 Washington Avenue, Ocean Springs, MS 228-872-3164

Upcoming Opportunities
Pedal, Paddle & Pound WAMAthon: October 2, 8am, 10 Mi Bike, 1 Mi Run, 2 Mi Kayak, 1 Mi Run
Horn Island Expedition: October 8-10, WAMA Trip Exclusive 3 Day, 2 Night Retreat
WAMA, Still Life Oil Painting: October 22 & 23, 9am-5pm, Artist Frank Janca
Block Printing at WAMA: November 9, 5:30pm-8:30pm, Introduction Class
Basic Metalsmithing: December 3 & 4, Sat. 9am-4pm, Sun. 9am-2pm, Beginner Class
Go to www.walterandersonmuseum.org for more details.

Tricia LeAnn