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Mississippi Songwriters Festival

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Our Story

Songwriters are a dedicated, creative group who provide much enjoyment to the young and old alike. Their goal is to create melodic pieces that create emotions and tell stories to the listeners. Generally, a songwriter just creates the work. If the songwriter is fortunate enough, the right recording artist may hear and like his song. Then it may get cut, and the world gets to hear and appreciate the song. Many times, people praise the artist and never know of the real passion and dedication that went into the process of writing that song.

The Mississippi Songwriters’ Festival is all about recognizing and celebrating the works of songwriters. It is our goal, in the future, to turn this into a weeklong event and it be spread along the whole coast. The idea is that each day and particularly at night, there are events that start at one end of the coast and extend to the other end. These events will have people talking and looking forward to next year’s even bigger event.

The 8th. Annual Mississippi Songwriters’ Festival will once again take place in Ocean Springs & Gautier. We will have several performances going on simultaneously, throughout the downtown area with people being able to walk from one venue to the next.

We will have several professional songwriters. Most of the headliner songwriters are from Nashville and Mississippi. Local songwriters and performers will be performing at each of the venues. Each songwriter will be performing songs that they created. Some of these songs have been made famous by a known artist, and other songs are brilliant creations that are just waiting for their chance to be discovered.

The Mississippi Songwriters’ Festival is about celebrating music and the creation of music. Along with the performances by those who have been successful creating songs, on Saturday, September 16th, we will be offering workshops teaching how to write better songs. There will be several subjects covered by qualified teachers who have been successful with songwriting. Songwriters love to teach others how to do what they have done and will actually push someone up ahead of them and show them the way ... because it is all about the song. We revel in each others’ successes.

On Sunday, September 17th, we will have our gospel presentation and grand finale concert, beginning at 12:00 noon in Ocean Springs Plaza on the scenic Government street of downtown Ocean Springs. Some of the talented songwriters appearing Sunday have written songs that have been sung by some of the best; Trace Atkins, Brad Paisley, Darrell Worley, to name just a few. This will be a four to six hour event. Many of the songwriters from the previous two nights will take the stage at one time, and then talk about their song creation. They will perform the songs that you may already know and have been singing yourself. It is great to meet the person that created that piece of music that might have touched you in some special way.

We look forward to you joining us.